Saveurs des Mauges offers a wide selection of deli meats (over 280 different products), made from 100% French pork. Premium products made using traditional regional recipes packed full of the delicious, authentic flavours of the good old days.


Deli meats

Smoked hams, andouilles, smoked bacon and dry cured sausages, all smoked in the traditional fashion using natural sawdust for even more authenticity and flavour.



Our traditional products are all made with 100% fresh ingredients (parsley, garlic, onions, milk sourced from a local farm and delivered fresh every morning).


Deli meats

Trotters, ears, hock and ribs cooked in stock.


The craftsmanship we develop as a company
ensures total control over each step in our processes
in manufacturing authentic products.*

black pudding

We boil our black pudding in stock in large cauldrons.


deli meats

Our traditional rillettes seasoned with Guérande salt are stewed the traditional way,
left to slow-cook for 18 hours in cast-iron cauldrons and mixed with a wooden spatula before being ladled into pots.


charcuterie Saveurs des Mauges