In the 1930s, Henri Raimbault began scouring neighbouring farms in the Pin-en-Mauges area for piglets. The animals first needed to be fed, before being butchered and processed.

His cuts were first sold in Pin-en-Mauges’ family-run butchers.

In the 1950s, his son Louis Raimbault began selling his products to a few shops, butchers and delis around Cholet.

Later, his own son (also named Louis), took over the family business. He continued the practice of sourcing piglets from the region, as well as in the neighbouring regions of Vendée and Brittany.

In 1966, he decided to set up a cutting room in Angers and expand the business to the Pays de Loire region. A few years later, his children began helping him in this new venture.

In 1988, Louis and his brother-in-law Joseph Chupin decided to open a delicatessen in Pin-en-Mauges, and Saveurs des Mauges was born. A production unit spanning 500 m² was set up, and three workers were hired.

Jean-Luc Raimbault took over management of the company in 1999.

It soon became evident that the number and quality of the company’s deli meat products would require growth and recruitment.

The distribution sector was expanded and the company flourished, now boasting a site sprawled over 5,000 m² with daily production volume of 10 tonnes.